Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Yes another post. I have been frantically searching for my old blog and somehow I found it again! Yeh, but now I think I will continue with this one. So you can check our old blog out again, or you can just stick to this one. Our old address is www.holmbase.blogspot.com. Well I do feel a little sheepish! Oh well.

A Poem for my fellow mother's.


So here are some pics from my other blog. I just had to put some of them on here. Oh I am still so upset. Oh well, enjoy.

I created a Slide Show! Check it out!

Well I really messed up BIG

So I went and erased my entire blog somehow, I don't know how, but now I am starting from scratch because I don't know how to recover my old one. Oh well, I guess it's ok. Not really but it has to be. Sorry to you all for the terrible inconvenience. Now you have to learn my new address. POOPY! I'm not bitter at all!

This is my angry face! Grrr... Celia thinks mommy is funny.