Friday, May 27, 2011


This may long weekend we met some good friends of ours in Hinton to go camping.
It was perfect weather and a beautiful campsite right beside the river. The fire ban was on which kind of sucked, but we had a ton of fun none the less!! It rained the very last day when we were leaving, oh and one evening, but thankfully we both had awnings so we didn't get wet while we played cards and settlers:)
Corban and Celia had such a blast! They havn't stopped asking to go camping again.... soon.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

God's Glory In Marriage

Ann Voskamp

I suggest every mommy read Ann Voskamp's blog a holy experience. I enjoy her blog and her book very much. The last post was about Homeschooling....???
What are YOU going to do? Such a hard decision...

I love spring!

I officially became a soccer mom, yay! I love it and for the most part Celia is loving soccer too! Corban is in gymnastics and loving it so much too! There both so cute and sooo fun!
Both their bdays are in June so Papa and Nana bought them an early gift, a trampoline. So we spend every waking, un- busy moment on it:). Celia is enjoying preschool so much and all her little friends, she is such a happy girl and enjoys every moment of her life.
I'm not sure why my font changed from blue to black, or why the blue was all underlined and I was not sure how to turn it off!! So enjoy even with the crazy writing:)