Thursday, April 19, 2007

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I had surgery on my armpit on monday. It has been quite sore but seems to be healing quite quickly. I had a lump under my arm that was quite large, so they removed it. The doctor believes it is not cancerous but sent it away for testing anyways. I am so glad to be rid of the stupid lump! It bothered me in the summers and when I was wearing t-shirts, because it protruded. Also when I was pregnant it got even bigger and when I was nursing Celia filled with milk as well. So I am just glad it is gone. Now I just have to wait for the cut to heal. It is actually quite large, and hopefully will not be a huge scar. But I would deffinately rather have a scar than a huge disgusting lump. So that is my story for the day. I was going to post a picture but decided that you all would be quite grossed out and probably did not want to see it!
Hope everyone else is doing well.
God bless.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cowgirl Diva

I tried to make a slideshow, but for some reason it will not load up onto blogger anymore. Maybe because there are so many new things out there, blogger is old. Or maybe I just could not figure it out!! I joined facebook as well. But like the majority of bloggers that have joined it, I too like blogger alot better!!
Well anyways this is our little cowgirl. Well mommy dressed her up as one. Who knows what she will want to be when she grows up, but for this day, she was a cowgirl. And 'da darndest cutest one at 'dat. Sorry it has been a while since I bloggered but... no excuses but here is my latest one. It's too bad you all could not have seen the slide show I put together, it was very very cute and different. Oh well. Enjoy.