Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Halloween was deffinately fun! Celia and I went to the mall for a little bit and collected candy there, but mostly Celia just wanted to see all the other kids. Than we went to Wild Rose Manor where I work and showed all the elderly people my cute pumpkin. After that Celia fell asleep, so we went to pick daddy up so we could go over to Holli's house and have more fun there.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Baby numereux deux!!!

Ok, I am preggers again. And having mixed feelings!! I am one month and a bit and will be due June 3. My birthday.
I'm feeling alright, a bit nauseasted throughout the day but other than that ok. Been craving Reeses bars like no other.
Celia will be such a good big sister and will love her brother or sister, since she calls everyone baby already, and gives kisses.
She is such a little card.
Well hope everyone else is well.
God bless!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Basement for Rent!!

We bought a house with a basement suite and are now looking for renters!! If anyone knows anybody who is interested or is interested themselves please let me/us know!! We have posession on Oct. 1!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Life Lately

Celia and I went on a day visit to my sister Kelly's house in Chetwynd a few weeks ago. Her cousin Marissa and her just loved each other and read and played with one another.
I have also been watching Oakley the past two weeks on tuesdays, Celia loves him and I think might be quite bossy. It has been fun though.
And the last picture is just a day at the park, enjoying the swings!!
Marissa and Celia enjoying a good book.

Oakley and Celia, looks like Celia is trying to help him with something and he just wants to be left alone. Girl are so bossy!!

And my beautiful daughter enjoying the swings.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cousins on the Holm's side

This is Celia and her cousins on Jeremy's side. They are all brother's and sister's so they only have one cousin on the Holm side. So Julie and I better begin producing more... haha, j/k!!!
Celia had a ton of fun with her cousins and can't wait to see them again!

Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm sorry!!! Long time no blog...

I am so very sorry for not blogging for so long. Our computer is broken and I was kinda lazy, I didn't want to bring my camera to the library or to anyone else's computer.
So as of the past two months my little angel is 1 years old. Jeremy and I have been married for two years and I am 23 years old!! Crazy crazy crazy!! Here are some recent pics. I should be up and blogging again now, God bless you all.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Life, Work and everything else...

Well I havn't written or posted anything for a while. many apologies.
And today is deffinately a blah day. My grandma passed away on saturday and it takes me a while to just process what happened. Well today seemed to be the tip of the ice burg. I started a new job for Peace Country Health and wanted to be casual. Yes I told them that. So the lady gave me some of my shifts and I was happy with that. I said I would do a few 6-10 pm shifts so that my orientation would go alot faster. Anyways, today I called them to tell them I will need next weekend off for my grandmas funeral (she is being cremated) so it can be whenever tha family wants. Well our family chose next weekend! Oh well telling the office was like... well I'm angry right now so I will leave me choice words out, BUT wow they sure showed me there true colors. They are being very difficult and ornery and could care less about my grandma. Maybe I am exagerating but boy it was sure a ring around the rosy telling them that YES my grandma had passed away and YES it was next weekend and YES I did need the time off. Than the lady was telling me that she had booked me for all the days I wanted off. Well, that was the first I had heard of that. Let's just say I started crying and became emotional and now I cannot stop crying because my emotions have hit. And hard too.
Wow, sorry, I am sure many of you do not really care but I felt like I needed to write it down. Has anyone else ever been treated awful at work? Right now I deffinately feel alone and really upset. I even ended up calling them and telling them that I would not lie to them and that I had told them what shifts I had wanted and they need to stick to that or I would not be able to work for them. Ok, so that was one of the hardest things I would ever do in my entire life. I hate confrontation, and being assertive. Hurting people or making them mad is not something I enjoy doing!
So Jeremy, Celia and I are off to my grandmas funeral next week. We leave wednesday and come home monday. I have mixed feelings and was trying to control my emotion, but I deffinately messed that up, my emotion got the better of me, and here I am balling!!
Well I hope and pray you are all doing alot better than I am right now, God bless you all.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

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I had surgery on my armpit on monday. It has been quite sore but seems to be healing quite quickly. I had a lump under my arm that was quite large, so they removed it. The doctor believes it is not cancerous but sent it away for testing anyways. I am so glad to be rid of the stupid lump! It bothered me in the summers and when I was wearing t-shirts, because it protruded. Also when I was pregnant it got even bigger and when I was nursing Celia filled with milk as well. So I am just glad it is gone. Now I just have to wait for the cut to heal. It is actually quite large, and hopefully will not be a huge scar. But I would deffinately rather have a scar than a huge disgusting lump. So that is my story for the day. I was going to post a picture but decided that you all would be quite grossed out and probably did not want to see it!
Hope everyone else is doing well.
God bless.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cowgirl Diva

I tried to make a slideshow, but for some reason it will not load up onto blogger anymore. Maybe because there are so many new things out there, blogger is old. Or maybe I just could not figure it out!! I joined facebook as well. But like the majority of bloggers that have joined it, I too like blogger alot better!!
Well anyways this is our little cowgirl. Well mommy dressed her up as one. Who knows what she will want to be when she grows up, but for this day, she was a cowgirl. And 'da darndest cutest one at 'dat. Sorry it has been a while since I bloggered but... no excuses but here is my latest one. It's too bad you all could not have seen the slide show I put together, it was very very cute and different. Oh well. Enjoy.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Celia enjoying her first oreo cookie. Well half of one. She absolutely loved it!!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

A tribute to family

I was just thinking about family today and just really started to miss each one of them. So I decided to share with all of you a picture of some of my family. It is immediate family on both of our sides. There have been additions to both families and there are no aunts, uncles, cousins etc. present.
Jeremy's family is the first picture. I am thankful for each of them and they mean just as much to me as my family. I am very thankful for them. The second picture is my family, and oh how I love each one of them!! We are a very close knit family and I just praise God for that.
Totally off the subject, let's pray for spring to come, because I think I am going stir crazy. I have just about had it with all this snow. Funny thing is, as I write this, it's snowing! Argh.
Good day to all, and enjoy the white fluffy stuff (well those of you from the North).

Friday, March 16, 2007

Swimming Lessons

We put Celia in swimming lessons for three weeks, and boy oh boy was it ever fun. Oakley and Katelyn were also there. Unfortunately the day I brought my camera Katelyn and her mommy were not there so I never got any pictures of them. Celia's swim class was called starfish, and she passed (yeah) and even got a report card (which is shown), next time she get's to be in turtles.
It was neat to see how confident she got with the water each time. We deffinately have a water baby.

Friday, February 23, 2007


Sorry there have not been any posts lately. We are in the process of moving and have been very busy. I am kinda stressed out and just waiting to settle down and be at a normal pace again. I get very stressed and just really hate moving!!!
Jeremy took these really cute pics of Celia this morning and I thought I could share them with you. She loves his x-box and now has made it a game to crawl over to it and turn it on and open the door. HA ha, it is actually very funny and cute. She just gets so mad when you take her away from it though.
Well here it is:

Starting position

On her way over

Just about there

Made it, and pushing the buttons

Daddy caught her in the act

Thursday, February 08, 2007


These are such cute pics of Celia. I thought I would put piggy tales in her hair for fun today. She deffinately knows she is adorable!!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Something a little different!

I havn't shared any wedding pics on my blog yet. And I was looking at them today and thought I would share them with you. It was so much fun, actually if I could do my wedding over again I would do it exactly the same, but I would slow it down. It went so fast. Wow, arn't we a cute couple? Haha, such a perfect day and a perfect wedding.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Cooking, Friends, and other such stuff...

Well this is my other such stuff, it was supposed to go at the end of this post, but it was not working out. This is where my thoughts have been taking me lately. Beautiful Hawaii... Long pause. Well back to reality, enjoy the pics.

I gave Celia a pot and a wooden spoon and what a racket she made. Actually it was more a racket when she dropped the bowl on the ground. But very funny and cute.

Bowl in one hand, spoon in the other.


This picture is of Celia and her friend Oakley on our b-ball tournament. They were so cute together.

Oakley and Celia in the van on the way to Edmonton.

Lisa and Me. Lisa came with us on our tournament and helped us out with the babies. I appreciated her help so much. We also got to know each other a bit more, she is prolly one of the culest, funnest people I have ever met.

Haylie and Pauline on the way home from Edmonton, yeh we came in second!! I don't think they appreciated me taking this pic too much, but hey arn't they cute?