Monday, October 24, 2011

I suck at blogging!

I used to be so good at blogging, but I really suck at it now! Booo, not sure anyone ever reads my posts anyways but I will try and be better at it again:)
Baby's due in a couple weeks and I'm so stoked! I can't wait to meet the little guy!

Saturday, August 06, 2011

The perfect holiday!

We travelled to the states for a Holm family reunion. It was a blast. Super long drive but lots of fun! Go to spend some time in Osoyoos on the way home too. I love that place, and so did the kids.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So much rain!

It seriously feels like it's been raining all summer!! Which it really has been, but we did have some nice days. One of those days i decided to take the kiddos to the lake. We had to drive for a bit but hey I got to sit outside and enjoy the sun and the kids got to go swimming in the lake and build sand castles.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thought this was good:)

By Joanne Keating

Why does everyone feel this constant need to compare "Stay at Home Moms" with the so-called "Working Mom?" First, I take offence to the term, ‘working mom.' All Moms work and the work involved with raising a child is hard and often more difficult than working outside the home.

Now, before all the moms who work away from the home jump on me, let me tell you that, in my books, I am both a SAHM and a WM. I found a job that let's me work away from home when my kids are at school. I stayed at home with them when they were young. I ‘volunteered' for jobs at their preschool, and then at their elementary until they were both there full time. I worked with kids whose own mothers didn't have the time, or the inclination. Were they ‘working moms' or not? I don't know, nor do I care. What I saw was a child who needed my help.

Now, some people see this type of involvement as very unfulfilling. I didn't. When a child who was unable to read suddenly began to see the logic in words, I was thrilled. I didn't need a pay cheque to prove my worth. It was also not my ‘career' field. It was just something I could do for a child.

For a time, I put my own life on hold. This was incredibly difficult to do, as I had a promising career ahead of me. I was lost for awhile because my role in life had changed. At first, I felt the need to justify my existence to every working mom I met. Then, I read an article in a women's magazine that described a "Super Mom." She was out of the house by 600 a.m. for her morning commute, worked all day until 600 p.m. then came home at around 700 p.m. Her children were preschoolers who were with a nanny all day. She came home in time to read them a story and tuck them into bed. I couldn't figure out where the Mom part came in. Her life was hectic, her children being raised by hired help. But, they praised her because she read to her children every night and made a play date with them on the weekend.

So, what did that make me? I just stayed at home, playing with my child, cooking with my child, reading to him all day long, bathing him, helping him get dressed, teaching him how to use the potty. Guess I wasn't much of a mom, according to the magazine.

Women are being forced to choose. One or the other. Is either group more worthy than the other? Is either group better mothers? It depends on what you do with your children. I think, that if you love them unconditionally, are there to listen to them, keep informed about what is happening in their lives, and respect them, then, you are a great mother. And, that is no matter whether you stay at home, or go to a job elsewhere. If you are willing to do whatever is necessary for your child, that is all that matters.

So, which group is more emancipated? The SAHM's or the WM's? Who cares! Are you happy with your choice in life? Are your kids thriving? Then, you, my friend, have the best of both worlds.

My outside job is not the ‘career' I had envisioned many years ago, before children. However, staying at home has allowed me to renew my creative side by being a kid again. So, now I have another career which is just beginning to take shape Writing. But, that is not the job I go to 5 days per week either.

Life is about choices. Make yours and believe it is right for you. But, remember, you can always choose to change it. The choice is yours. Don't let one writer or another make your choices for you. Be proud of who you are, and show your kids that you take that pride in yourself.

But, whatever your choice, please, don't put down the choices of others. We are all in this world for a reason, but for a very short time. Make your time count!

Friday, June 24, 2011

19 weeks pregnant!

It's a wonderful bathroom shot, but oh well. Almost halfway there!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Im here!!

I am still blogging, just been kind of insane lately with birthdays, anniversary's, soccer, travelling. Well lots of stuff. And when it's nice outside I just wanna be out in it!!
Hope you are all well, not sure how many people actually read my blog but oh well!!! :)

Friday, May 27, 2011


This may long weekend we met some good friends of ours in Hinton to go camping.
It was perfect weather and a beautiful campsite right beside the river. The fire ban was on which kind of sucked, but we had a ton of fun none the less!! It rained the very last day when we were leaving, oh and one evening, but thankfully we both had awnings so we didn't get wet while we played cards and settlers:)
Corban and Celia had such a blast! They havn't stopped asking to go camping again.... soon.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

God's Glory In Marriage

Ann Voskamp

I suggest every mommy read Ann Voskamp's blog a holy experience. I enjoy her blog and her book very much. The last post was about Homeschooling....???
What are YOU going to do? Such a hard decision...

I love spring!

I officially became a soccer mom, yay! I love it and for the most part Celia is loving soccer too! Corban is in gymnastics and loving it so much too! There both so cute and sooo fun!
Both their bdays are in June so Papa and Nana bought them an early gift, a trampoline. So we spend every waking, un- busy moment on it:). Celia is enjoying preschool so much and all her little friends, she is such a happy girl and enjoys every moment of her life.
I'm not sure why my font changed from blue to black, or why the blue was all underlined and I was not sure how to turn it off!! So enjoy even with the crazy writing:)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Yep, that's how I'm feeling the past couple days. I'm so teary and sad. I think it's just these pregnancy hormones wreaking havock(however you spell that) on me..... I dunno, but I do have to say the weather is sooooo much better than what it was. We do still have alot of snow in the front yard but it's allllll gone in the back yard, yip!
I think I have been realizing to that i am getting older, I mean I know I'm not super old but I am not 18 anymore. It's weird to think back, I feel like it was just yesterday. But older means wiser right??? Haha. Well God has been teaching me to be content in every situation, to allow Him to do a good work in me and not try to take matters and situations into my own hands (which I believe I am sooooo very good at:) ). He wants me to be content with who I am in Him and what He has planned for my life. I so often allow satans lies to determine the outcome of my day or a situation when all i have to do is ask God to direct me and not the lies!
Well that's a tid bit of what I'm thinking at this moment, hehe.
Jeremy is taking the kids and I to the movie RIO tonight, should be fun! I'm so thankful for my husband and the beautiful children he has blessed me with!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some things I've made and just some pics.....

This is just some of the projects I've been working on. The top dress is Celia's Easter dress. It's pretty cute, the picture kinda sux because of crappy lighting tho. O well. I am deffinately enjoying sewing. I've made three diaper bags so far and love love love making them, so much fun! Just shouldn't sew too long when the kids are awake, they get into EVERYTHING!!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Dog Poop

I'm totally complaining right now, but that's ok cuz this is my blog and I can complain if I want to!!
I am soooooo sick of neighbour dogs pooping in my yard. Yes I do have my own dog to clean up after and yes I do, but this stupid dog next door digs under our fence just to take a dump in our yard. Really?
Anyways I'm done my complaining now.
Hope you are all having a good monday:)
Oh also, those of you who have had more than one baby, or even three, did you show right away? This third baby is popping out fast. Yikes!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Potty Training Ideas???

Anybody have any potty training ideas? That work!! Corban refuses to be potty trained. I'm determined that he will before this next baby is born. He's just not interested. I've tried everything, even bribes. Anybody?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My swimming monsters:)
Celia is doing so well in her swim lessons and Corban is enjoying the kid pool and becoming more confident in the pool. Not a big fan of how big and how fast my kids are growing up!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Crazy life

So last week I had some of the most severe pain I have ever ever experienced! Finally found out after two doctors that my appendix had burst and that I needed surgery right away! Whoa! My mom came up to help asap, shes wonderful:). She came on the bus the day after my surgery. Jeremy went to pick her up from the bus and was hit by a drunk driver. Praise the Lord he was/is safe and the kids were not in the car!! But I than wonder why? RIGHT now we cannot afford another vehicle and insurance is taking forever and ever and ever!! So we wait and continue to wonder but serve a God who has our best in mind. After my surgery I was told that there was a possibility I may not be able to have any more children. WELL yesterday I found out I had been pregnant throughout the whole surgery!! Wow! So I am 4-5 weeks preggo:) Please pray that baby develops ok and that none of my antibiotics have harmed him/her. Thanks.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

No more facebook and it's been so long!!

Wow I just realized I havn't been to my blog in over two years!! Facebook kind of took over. Well I no longer am on facebook. For a while anyways...... Not sure if anyone even reads this anymore but thought I'd say hello to my blog again:)