Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Halloween was deffinately fun! Celia and I went to the mall for a little bit and collected candy there, but mostly Celia just wanted to see all the other kids. Than we went to Wild Rose Manor where I work and showed all the elderly people my cute pumpkin. After that Celia fell asleep, so we went to pick daddy up so we could go over to Holli's house and have more fun there.


the guynups said...

what a sweet little pumpkin you have!

Brad and Sarah Rempel said...

i love that costume, it's so cute. Did she like to dress up? Looks like you had fun. who are all the babies on the couch?

The Steckly's said...

I changed my blog and lost all my links, so I haven't read yours in awhile....congrats on the new baby!!
P.S. there's pics of the fish tank now on my reef blog...the link is on my blog again