Thursday, March 24, 2011

Potty Training Ideas???

Anybody have any potty training ideas? That work!! Corban refuses to be potty trained. I'm determined that he will before this next baby is born. He's just not interested. I've tried everything, even bribes. Anybody?


Chrystal said...

the advice I got from a friend (who has potty trained 6 of her children so far) was to sit them on the potty until they dribble anything then throw a party, dance, sing, and give a treat. then bring them back to the potty every 15-30 minutes (depending on the age of the child- she trains at about 18months). And every time they go you do the party thing so they think its cool... after 3 days of this they should have the idea down. So you can buy a tub of candies and/or stickers and when those are gone they should be good with it. I don't know if that makes enough sense? my kids are about to get up from naps so I am trying to be quick lol

Alison said...

i do the same thing chystal's friend does. although with brennyn, i've started putting the potty in the bath tub so i can fill up the tub with a couple inches of warm water for her toes. warm water on toes makes you pee :)

how old is corban? boys are harder to train than girls. have fun with it and don't stress... (red headed girls are harder than boys though... i don't know where red headed boys stand, but i'm sure i'll let you know within the next 2 years...)

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