Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Yep, that's how I'm feeling the past couple days. I'm so teary and sad. I think it's just these pregnancy hormones wreaking havock(however you spell that) on me..... I dunno, but I do have to say the weather is sooooo much better than what it was. We do still have alot of snow in the front yard but it's allllll gone in the back yard, yip!
I think I have been realizing to that i am getting older, I mean I know I'm not super old but I am not 18 anymore. It's weird to think back, I feel like it was just yesterday. But older means wiser right??? Haha. Well God has been teaching me to be content in every situation, to allow Him to do a good work in me and not try to take matters and situations into my own hands (which I believe I am sooooo very good at:) ). He wants me to be content with who I am in Him and what He has planned for my life. I so often allow satans lies to determine the outcome of my day or a situation when all i have to do is ask God to direct me and not the lies!
Well that's a tid bit of what I'm thinking at this moment, hehe.
Jeremy is taking the kids and I to the movie RIO tonight, should be fun! I'm so thankful for my husband and the beautiful children he has blessed me with!

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Alison said...

:( i will pray for you lindsay!!