Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Something a little different!

I havn't shared any wedding pics on my blog yet. And I was looking at them today and thought I would share them with you. It was so much fun, actually if I could do my wedding over again I would do it exactly the same, but I would slow it down. It went so fast. Wow, arn't we a cute couple? Haha, such a perfect day and a perfect wedding.


Quinn and Pauline said...

Nice pics linds...I don't think they all showed up though. Maybe it's just me. see you tonight.

Ryder said...

i think it's just pauline... they all showed up for me... i'm amazed, every blog i've checked out today has been updated... i shouldn't jinx myself, i guess!? i think the red-headed flower girl looks like laura weglo when we were younger. beautiful photos... i like your hair! have a good day!

Ryder said...

too late... its' jinxed... :( everyone looking at this comment take note... i would like to see more updates... good work, lindz... glad to see you're on the ball! hehe... i should go... my family is waiting for me to eat dinner... what a shame... too busy blogging to eat with my family... :(

the g's said...

i'd love to see the pics- for some reason it's not working for me...but maybe they'll show up later:)
have a great weekend linds!