Friday, March 16, 2007

Swimming Lessons

We put Celia in swimming lessons for three weeks, and boy oh boy was it ever fun. Oakley and Katelyn were also there. Unfortunately the day I brought my camera Katelyn and her mommy were not there so I never got any pictures of them. Celia's swim class was called starfish, and she passed (yeah) and even got a report card (which is shown), next time she get's to be in turtles.
It was neat to see how confident she got with the water each time. We deffinately have a water baby.


Ryder said...

that is super cute. i love that she got a report card, too! lol... high level doesn't have swimming lessons that young, but when we move, we'll definitely have to get ryder into that. he's going to be so jealous when celia tells him all about swimming lessons. lol!

Ryder said...

not rude at all! don't worry about... kelvin always has to remind me that it's not rude of us to STAY at someone's house. don't worry about it! anyways, yes, i THINK i know how. lol... i got a kick outta you saying i know a lot about blogging, because i don't... lol... i inlisted the help of four different people on how to get a counter on my blog in the first place! BUT... i think i know how to get rid of it... if you go to the layout page, it should be an element on the side... just delete the element, and i think that should do it! let me know!

Quinn and Pauline said...

Linds, that's so cute. Looks like it would be a lot of fun. Are you guys settled into your new place? We miss having someone we know living across from us (even though we never had you guys over...sorry...) Hopefully you're getting all moved in.

Dan & Amber said...

Great pics Linds!! I got to get mine on!!! Miss talking to ya, see you at the game on Monday! Love ya!

the g's said...

hey linds!
celia looks so cute swimming! i love the report card too:) i've never put brook in swim lessons but take her swimming and she loves it!
our baby is due aug 15th- this 2nd pregnancy is so different, yet the same...i'm already showing and can totally feel baby kicking like crazy- matt has for a few weeks too...other than that it's very similar to brook's- i feel really good:) i'll post some pics sometime:)
we'd love to get together with you guys if you ever end up out this way- or even somewhere near here- let me know!
have a great weekend:)