Thursday, January 11, 2007

My Life.

Well you can all probably tell that I do not have a whole lot to do right now, because I am putting ANOTHER post on my blog. But hey, what can I do in -36 weather, and when our car does not want to start. Celia is napping and I am procrastinating working out today at all!!!!!!! But I did take some really cute pics of her today that I wanted to share, so I hope you are all having a happy New Year and enjoy!


Quinn and Pauline said...

Hey Lindz, Don't worry about posting too much! Some people it seems take forever to update! It makes me happy seeing a new post. On thing i don't like, though, is this COLD WEATHER!! It's brutal. Can't stand it. Hope it warms up soon. See you at the game on Monday.

Ryder said...

i'm glad that you posted again... i get frustrated when i check, and it's the same one every day... not that i should talk... i'm pretty slow... who is celia talking to?