Monday, January 15, 2007

Rainbows and lotsa smiles!

Well I thought this would be kinda fun. Funny thing is Celia isn't smiling in any of the pictures. Haha. Only color I am missing is indigo, cuz I am not sure really what color it is. Is it a mauve a pinky color...??? Dunno! Oh well, so I hope you all enjoy and are having a splendid day. It's monday what else can I say? This was probably the highlight of my day, no actually we have a basketball game tonight that will be the highlight of my day. Well God bless you all, and remember January to will pass... Haha.



Quinn and Pauline said...

That's really cute. Makes my day a whole lot brighter! Hope you're not too bummed out because of the weather. It's nicer out today though! See you at the game tonight!

Holly said...

What a beautiful rainbow for our day! I might steal that idea and put it in Katelyns scrapbook, which I will one day start on. Enjoy that sunshine today!

Ryder said...

hey lindz... very cute idea! beat holly to the point and scrap book it yourself... hehe... i would steal it, but i would get in trouble for putting kelivn's little hockey pro in pink. :(
hope you and celia are having a fun day... anymore dance parties??