Thursday, January 18, 2007

No Pictures, all talk.

Well I would like to repeat the words of a wonderful country song, that has been running through my head all day that just seems to rain true lately. Here goes... "I need a vacation from my life, me and my husband we need a wife.." Haha hilarious, well I would like a vacation, but that will not happen for a while. Well I guess I have a little one coming up next week. Our basketball team is going to Edmonton for a tournament. So Celia and I are packing up and going for the weekend. Unfortunately Jeremy cannot come so I asked our wonderful, beautiful babysitter (only person, other than family that has watched Celia) Lisa to come along. So I am quite excited. I will miss Jeremy alot but it will be nice to get away with the girls for a 'lil while, PLUS we get to go to West Ed mall and shop(Old Navy, HOLLY!!) haha, and go swimming. Yehaw. It will also be fun to be with Amber and Sheri who are both bringing their little munchkins. Well it is deffinately not anywhere hot, but it is a change of scenery.
Well I am gonna go to bed! Actually I am going to go read. So goodnight to you all.


Quinn and Pauline said...

I'm glad that you're coming to Edmonton. It should be fun! Don't forget about lunch today!

the g's said...

i am SO glad you're able to go to the tourney Lindsay! it will be a nice 'getaway' and fun time with all the girls! wow- that takes me back to our trips...good times! can't wait to hear how it goes:)

Anonymous said...


i realize you are probably super busy but if you are free for an hour or so maybe we could hook up and celia and haye could play!
that would be super fun.

mmmmm let me know.

Dan & Amber said...

Linds, I'm so glad you decided to come to Edmonton! I really hope it will be a good weekend. Hopefully we can have some mom without child time together (even for an hour!!!). You really are a wonderful mom and an amazing woman!