Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Last night we went to see "Casino Royale" and brought Celia with us. She was so cute, she watched the whole thing and must have really liked the pictures. I tried putting her in her carseat but she wanted to be on my lap watching the movie. I had to leave once with her because she was talking(baby gurgling) really loud and I didn't want to make anyone mad. It was nice to go to a movie. We have not been to a movie in such a long time. The movie was alright I personally think that there have been better 007 movies, but it was not too bad. So... if i had to recommend it, I would, BUT I would say it is not as good as it was made to look. Anyways, hope you are all having a great day.

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Holly said...

That is so funny that your brought Celia with you! We went to a movie last week and we realized it had probably been about 6 months! Having kids makes life go so fast eh? I'll call you tomorrow (Wend) about the shower. I'm so excited you're coming!