Thursday, November 02, 2006

Where's Celia?

Can you find Celia amongst the dolly's. These were my favorite dolly's when I was younger. I would dress them up like a real baby and even give them bottles. Hey and now I have my own little dolly to do all that with.
I just cannot believe Celia's development these days. She changes everyday. She is beginning to teethe and has been kinda grumpy lately. She has not been herself at all. And today I gave her a bit of baby food squash and she LOVED it. Her tummy took it well to, it did not come back up. So we will try it again tomorrow. Being a mommy to this precious little angel is sure alot of fun and so rewarding (just to see her development and how smart she is). What would I do without her?


Anonymous said...

that picture's gotta be blown up and framed! i love it!

Quinn and Pauline said...

That's so cute!! When are you coming home Lindz? Keep safe. See you soon.

Ryder said...

It's cute how she's the smallest! I agree, get it enlarged and FRAMED! super cute!