Monday, November 27, 2006


Celia loves teddy bears. When she goes to bed now, she needs to have her little lamb who's name is Shearly. She just loves to play!


Holly said...

Oh my word, that middle pic is just the best, SO CUTE! It seems like Celia is just growing up so much lately! That's so cute that she loves her teddys. Katelyn used to sleep with a big Eeyore (who used to me mine) but he would always end up ontop of her head or something, I think she needs something smaller. I've been hibernating big time this week. I just can't be bothered to bundle up the munchkin for -34!!! When it warms up we should go for a walk or something. Katelyn actually notices other kids now, trys to get their attention by her funny little smile, so cute.

Ryder said...

very cute photos! i love watching babies with stuffed toys. ryder has a tiger... it's very cute, and buys me lots of time when i want to get something done! i think he's saying "hi" to celia... as far as i can interprete "ahhAH". now he's sucking his thumb. short attention span, i guess!