Friday, November 17, 2006

Some fun pictures.

Celia is loving squash these days. Every time Jeremy or I are eating she starts whining until she get's some good ol' butternut squash. Celia's development lately has been so amazing, she is a go getter for sure, she never stops.
I am getting excited for christmas, I love the feeling of christmas and love setting up the christmas tree and all the decorations. Jeremy and I had a great christmas last year together, but this year will be fun too, cuz we have a little princess to enjoy it with us.


Quinn and Pauline said...

Man, Linds, she sure looks like you! I can't understand how anyone can like eating squash, but I guess babies do! I'm also very excited about Christmas. It's the first time that Quinn and I will actually be together. So happy.

the g's said...

yay for first christmas! i find that things like christmas i enjoy in a whole new way with brook- and thankfully for you this year celia won't be trying to pull down the tree and all the decorations!

Brad and Sarah Rempel said...

This Christmas will be so exciting. "Firsts" of anything are so cute!! You have a beautiful family!