Saturday, November 25, 2006

Winter blues...

I think I have a case of the winter blues today. My sister and her husband are off to Maui and boy what I would give to go too. Maybe not with them, but oh the sunshine and the ocean!!!! Usually I love saturdays because Jeremy is home and it is our day to hang out together. But our car has gone crazy so he is out at his work fixing it. So we don't get much of a day together.
I am also sick with a head cold and feel awful.
I think I am done complaining now. So on a happy note, it is almost christmas, and I love christmas. Celia will be 5 months old in 2 days and wow, the months have just flown by. She is just a happy little girl and I could just kiss her forever and ever.
Well I hope everyone else is doing well. And if you are going somewhere hot this christmas, do you have room for me?? Haha just joking, I am happy here in the cold north. Good day all!


Anonymous said...

Hey Lindz.

I'm very happy that life is treating you kindly. I'm sorry that our friendship fell apart after High School, I don't even really know why.

Since I'm able to see your life, if you'd like, you can see what I'm up to at


Holly said...

Hey Lindsay. I hope you're feeling better. I totally know what you mean about winter blahs, it's so cold I don't want to leave the house. If it wern't for Christmas being right in the middle of it all it would be unbearable. I love Christmas too, I'm trying to finish my decorations but lets face it, its more fun sitting on my butt right here! Talk to you soon!

Holly said...

Oh and I was going to tell you that Katelyn had butternut squash today and we thought of you and Celia 'cause that's her fave!